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Hola...he decidido comenzar un nuevo tipo de post...para realizarlo siempre que mi tiempo libre me lo permita, en el cual compartiré con vosotras mis ...
Bloggers de inspiración.
La primera que les quiero presentar es a:
La conocí cuando estaba decidiendo hacer mi blog...y desde ahí ha sido mi inspiración!
Me enamoran sus fotos.
Todos sus outfits...
Ella, su blog, fotos, lugares, detalles de su casa, perro, TODO parece salido de un cuento de hadas!
Quedo siempre entusiasmada cada post de su blog...(a pesar de tener que usar el traductor siempre).
Ella es dulce, fashionista, alegre, angelical, divertida, sexy, fascinante, fresca!
Cada uno de sus comentarios son tan subtiles y dulces como ella.
Es el primero de todos los blogs que leo cuando tengo tiempo libre.
Si aún no conoces su blog...estas perdiendo algunas fotos lindas y esta chica de cuento de hadas!

Hello ... I decided to start a new kind of post ... to doing it all my free time permits me, which I will share with you my ...
Bloggers of inspiration.
The first one that I want to introduce is to:
I met her when I was deciding to do my blog ... and since there has been my inspiration!
I fall in love with your photos.
All their outfits ...
She, her blog, photos, places, details of their home, dogs, everything seems to come from a fairy tale!
Am always excited every blog post ... (despite having to use the translator always).
She is sweet, fashionista, joyful, angelic, funny, sexy, fascinating and fresh! "
Each of your comments are so sweet as she subtiles.
It is the first of the blogs I read when I have free time.

If you do not know your blog ... you're losing some pretty pictures and this girl of fairy tale!

OUT OF THE MIST: Where are you from?
CHRISTINA: Finlandia

CHRISTINA: 20 years old.

OUT OF THE MIST: What you study?
CHRISTINA: Speech communication at the University. I'll also start journalism and intercultural studies next autumn.
OUT OF THE MIST: Your zodiac sign?
OUT OF THE MIST: Your hobbies?
CHRISTINA: Singing, playing piano, composing, dancing (african dance), etc.
OUT OF THE MIST: Your favorite music?
CHRISTINA: It's impossible to say only one favourite genre but my favourite bands are probably The Cardigans and Metric and favourite artist is Fiona Apple. I'm also a huge fan of Christina Aguilera - she's just so talented.

OUT OF THE MIST: Your favorite film?
OUT OF THE MIST: Your favorite book?
CHRISTINA: The Twilight Saga (must admit!) and The Little Prince.
OUT OF THE MIST: Favorite fashion designers and why?
CHRISTINA: Maybe Stella McCartney because she has the courage to stand behind her opinions and respect animals. But I would never buy an item because of the designer, it's not really that important to me. I think it's more important to like the way something looks and feels than whose design it is.

OUT OF THE MIST: I could not live without?

OUT OF THE MIST: Your favorite perfume?
CHRISTINA: At the moment, it's probably Marc Jacobs' Daisy. But I also like Lancome's Hypnôse Senses.

OUT OF THE MIST: What inspires you for your outfits?
CHRISTINA: Streetstyle, magazines, bloggers around the world, even the weather... So many different things!
OUT OF THE MIST: Brand clothes and shoes you buy more and why?
CHRISTINA: Probably H&M because the clothes aren't expensive and the collections are usually pretty nice (especially H&M Trend and Divided). Bianco footwear and Dinsko are probably my favourite stores to buy nice shoes. Too bad we don't have Dinsko in this town where I live.

VISITA el blog de Christina:


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Christina dijo...

Oh, I'm so touched about all your beautiful words! Thank you very much! :) It has been truly amazing to have you as my reader. You also have a great, amazing blog and I love reading it! :)

Hugs and kisses,


out of the mist dijo...

Thanks Christina!...
You deserve it!!