sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Harem Pants

Boots: Tally Weijl/ Cardigan&Bag: Mango/ Shirt: local store/ Bracelets: Parfois/ Pants: Forever21

The 1980s gave us a lot of things, mainly MC Hammer and his stylish baggy harem pants. Since the rise and fall of MC Hammer, harem pants have gone up and down in popularity. Harem pants are not for everyone, but they can be worn in ways that are both easy and stylish.
First, the color of your harem pants is important. The best color for harem pants is black. Black looks good on everyone and can be matched with just about many color. Black is simple, sleek, and sophisticated. MC Hammer may have worn bright orange pants, but that doesn't mean that you should. Stick with black or a dark blue. White may also work for some people who are taller and have darker skin.

The size and fit of the pants is also important. Harem pants are supposed to be baggy but they shouldn't be falling off your body. Make sure the waist band is tight enough not to slip or fall off if you happen to break out in dance sort of like "You Can't Touch This". But on the other hand make sure the waist is loose enough that you can actually breathe. The elastic around the ankles should be tight fitting, but at the same time should not cut off your circulation.

When looking for a top to wear with your pants go with a solid color or simple pattern. It's okay to wear bright colors like yellow or bright green on top. Purple or pink are also bold colors. Cut sleeves or tank tops work well with harem pants, while long sleeves or ¾ sleeves can make you look weighted down. Harem pants look best when the large pants contrast with a small shirt. Longer sleeves can get in the way of this. Also, the shirt should be form fitting, but not too tight. The point of these pants is to be bottom heavy instead of top heavy. You can tuck your shirt in or leave it out. Either way looks good with darker pants. Tucking it in can sometimes diminish height if you are larger around the waist. So if you are more short and stocky leave it untucked. If you are wearing white pants it is better to not tuck in your shirt.

Shoes are also important and can make more break your harem pants outfit. Wearing high heel shoes gives you the best look. High heels are stylish and make you look taller. When wearing harem pants never wear flat sandals, boots or sneakers. High heeled sandals or high heeled boots are the best choices because they make a person look tall and thin. If you wear dark pants your shoes should be black or another dark matching color. When wearing white pants wear white shoes. Wearing bright colored shoes distracts from the harem pants. You want people to look at your pants, not your shoes.

Finally, wearing a large necklace or a few loose bracelets can add a good touch. Be careful not to wear so much jewelry that you distract from the pants. Earrings should be avoided because they make you look too top heavy. Jewelry can be gold, silver, or colored to match your top. Harem pants can look good with the right top, shoes, and accessories.


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